Residential Services

We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive one-stop-shop, and we rarely contract out to complete a job. 

Just as is with our capabilities in commercial, Watterson Excavation is also experienced in all phases of infrastructure for residential site work. Through our use of innovative technology, such as PlanGrid and AGTEK, we’re able to carve time and manpower off the project, giving our clients the most cost-effective route.

Our reputation and tenured operators continue to build our confidence in the residential sector. Not only do we offer grading and excavation, but we self-perform services such as subdivision development, earthmoving, land clearing, sanitary and storm sewers.

Custom Home

Underground utilities are any public service infrastructures installed beneath the ground surface. Underground utilities include, but are not limited to, lines used for electricity distribution, traffic lights, street lights, natural gas transportation, telecommunication, cable television, water/wastewater pipelines, and broadband internet services. We can provide this service.

Contact us for more information or to receive a quote, we would be happy to meet you at your site, free of charge, to offer suggestions and ways to solve any problems you may have.


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