Commercial Services

Underground utilities are any public service infrastructures installed beneath the ground surface. Underground utilities include, but are not limited to, lines used for electricity distribution, traffic lights, street lights, natural gas transportation, telecommunication, cable television, water/wastewater pipelines, and broadband internet services. We can provide this service.


Residential Services

We highly esteem being a thorough one-stop-shop, and we once in a while contract out to finish work. Similarly as is with our abilities in business, Watterson Excavation is likewise experienced in all periods of a framework for private site work. Through our utilization of creative innovation, for example, PlanGrid and AGTEK, we're ready to cut time and labor off the undertaking, giving our customers the most financially savvy course.

Our notoriety and tenured administrators keep on building our trust in the private part. In addition to the fact that we offer reviewing and removal, yet we self-perform administrations, for example, subdivision improvement, earthmoving, land clearing, clean and tempest sewers.


Road Work

With one of the biggest uncovering armadas in Enumclaw, Watterson Excavating offers clients a wide assortment of earthmoving ability. Watterson Excavating has huge involvement with transportation framework ventures, including FDOT and civil and County expressway ventures. Throughout the years, Watterson Excavating has effectively finished several roadway improvement ventures, from new development to restoration of existing framework.


Plat Development

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Contact us for more information or to receive a quote, we would be happy to meet you at your site, free of charge, to offer suggestions and ways to solve any problems you may have.


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